Professional Printed Circuits Boards

Professional Printed Circuits Boards

Production Capability

Rigid PCB Part
1 Number of Layers 1-18 layers
2 Max.Board Size 508*610mm
3 Min.Board Thickness
2-layer 0.2mm
4-layer 0.4mm
6-layer 0.6mm
8-layer 0.8mm
10-layer 1.0mm
4 Min Line Width/Space 4mil/4mil(0.1/0.1mm)
5 Min.S/M Pitch 0.1mm(4mil)
6 Finish Hole (Mechanical) 0.2mm--6.30mm
7 PTH Wall Thickness >0.025mm(1mil)
8 Hole Dia.Tolerance(PTH) ±0.075mm(3mil)
9 Hole Dia.Tolerance(NPTH) ±0.05mm(2mil)
10 Hole Position Deviation ±0.05mm(2mil)
11 Outline Tolerance ±0.10mm(4mil)
12 Twist & Bow ⩽ 0.7%
13 Insulation Resistance >1012Ω Normal
14 Through hole resistance <300Ω Normal
15 Electric strength >1.3 kv/mm
16 Current breakdown 10A
17 Peel strength 1.4N/mm
18 S/M abrasion >6H
19 Thermal stress 288°C 20 Sec
20 Test Voltage 50-300V
21 Min. blind/buried via 0.2mm(8mil)
22 Available Laminates Material FR-4, High TG FR-4(TG150,TG170), Aluminum Base, Halogen Free, Rogers, Arlon
23 Finished board thickness tolerance T>=0.8mm,Tolerance:+/-8%,T<0.8mm,Tolerance:+/-10%
24 Out Layer Copper Thickness 1oz--5oz
25 Inner Layer Copper Thickness 1/2oz--4oz
26 SMT Mini. Solder Mask Width 0.08mm
27 Mini. Solder Mask Clearance 0.05mm
28 Plug Hole Diameter 0.2mm--0.60mm
29 Impedance Control Tolerance +/-10%
30 Surface Finish HAL Lead free, Immersion ENIG, Chem. Tin, Flash Gold, OSP, Gold finger, Peelable, Immersion Silver, Hard Gold
31 Insulation Layer Thickness 0.075mm--5.00mm
32 Special technology Impedance control PCB

Flexible, Rigid & Flex PCB Part
1 Flexible layers 1~8 layers
2 Rigid-flex layers up to 18 layers
3 Minimum Trace and Space 12&18µm (base Cu):0.075/0.075mm; 35µm(base Cu):0.1/0.1mm
4 Minimum Space Between Coverlay Openings 0.2mm
5 Edge of Coverlay Opening to Trace 0.20mm (preferred)
6 Minimum Space between coverlay and solder pad 0.15mm
7 Polyimide Films 0.5 mil (12.5µ), 1 mil (20µ), 2 mils (50µ), 3 mils (75µ), 4mils(100µ), 5 mils(125µ) as custmer requested
8 Copper Foils (RA or ED) 1/3oz (12µ), 1/2oz (18µ), 1oz (35µ), 2oz (70µ)
9 Stiffeners Polyimide, rigid FR4, PSA, metal, or customer supplied & requested
10 FR-4 in Multi-layer Flex Circuits Laminated to flex circuit to create rigid flex boards, typically with vias
11 Surface Finish Electroless Ni/Au, Electrolytic soft/hard gold, Tin plating, Imm.Tin, OSP
12 Solder Resists Coverlay, Photo-Imagable Resist
13 Hole tolerance ±0.05mm
14 Smallest Drill Size 0.2mm
15 Largest Drill Size 6.35mm
16 Smallest Slot Width 0.35mm
17 between holes 0.15mm
18 Minimum conductor edge to outline edge ≥0.1mm
19 Minimum space between coverlay and conductor ± 0.15mm
20 Hole to outline edge ≥ 0.10mm
21 Tooling tolerances
Knife(Soft) tooling :&plusmn; 0.25mm
Steel(Hard) tooling : &plusmn; 0.05mm
CNC drill/rout : &plusmn; 0.10mm
22 Maximum Layer to Layer Mis-registration ± 0.10mm
23 Copper Plated Thickness (PTH only) 8~15µm;20~30µm;30~70µm (special)
24 Au thickness Electroless Ni/Au   Ni : 2~6µm; Au : 0.035~0.075µm; Electrolyticsoft/hardgold  Ni : 2~9µm; Au : 0.035~0.1µm

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